In-House dog training


In-House dog training

Do you feel that you don’t embrace your dog and need help?

Are you looking for intensive support and a concrete action plan?

Psia Od-Nowa is an option specifically for you. Our project Psia od-nowa (our imaginative way to say ‘dog’s renewal’, which may give you a hint what we are going to do with your dog!) is an option for people who feel that they cannot cope with their dog and need intensive support to continue their independent training later.

In our offer you will find two types of Od-Nowa:

  • Od-Nowa Social – Dedicated to dogs that need to learn in communication with people and other dogs
  • Od-Nowa Full– Social training + general training of your dog, if you also need help with this topic.

You bring your dog to our center on Glebowa 2A or Radojewo 25 in Poznan.

 This is where the training begins. 

No matter which option you choose, Od-Now is a training course where we will put your dog on the right developmental track. 

 You can call it behavioral training, therapy for dogs with problems, working with your dog, or simply life lessons for dogs. We are here to help you.

Are you wondering if Psia od-nowa is an option for you? Does your dog:

  • bark at dogs or people during a walk?

  • show aggression towards people or animals?

  • growl as you approach his bowl?

  • attack other dogs?

  • refuse to cooperate?

  • bite your hands?

  • destroy or defend resources?

  • fear of noise?
  • Or maybe on the contrary, it is reactive and winds up on everything, especially cars and bikes?

Psia od-nowa: what does it look like?

Od-nowa is a therapy for dogs that lasts from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the dog’s needs and its progress in training. The first few days are time for each pooch to adapt to a new situation, place and people. It can be stressful, and hence: lack of appetite and little willingness to cooperate. But don’t worry, it’s normal! Our team cares for the animals in the best way possible. To ensure their comfort, during the first days of their stay, the dogs are often walked so that they can get to know the new place as soon as possible and feel more confident.

Od-Nowa Socjal

Od-Nowa Social focuses on the topic of communication. We will teach your dog:

  • How to properly communicate with other dogs,
  • How to properly communicate with people.

Od-Nowa Full

Od-Nowa Full is a training designed for dogs whose problems are more complex, involving not only social, but, for example, timidity or reactivity. We take on all the behaviors that you can’t handle on your own. We will teach your dog at the grazing area:

  • motivation for food or a toy to make your pet want to work and enjoy it,
  • cooperation,
  • focusing on the guide,
  • as well as we will work through the problems you have reported and take care of socialization with other dogs.

You can find the details of the Od-Nowa in the Terms of service

Your dog will have a dedicated trainer and a set daily schedule that includes:

  • walks,
  • training,
  • Socialization,
  • and what is most important for training to be effective – rest.

The remedial training plan is tailored to the needs of the individual pet and prepared individually. The handler-trainer will keep you updated on your dog’s progress.

How much does Psia od-nowa cost?

Od-Nowa Socjal 
170 PLN/day ( the cost of a monthly stay of a dog is 4000 PLN)

Od-Nowa Full 
220 PLN/day ( the cost of the monthly stay of the dog is 5400 PLN)
The price of a stay longer than 14 days we set individually

It is possible to pay in installments (maximum 6 installments)

What do you need to know before Psia od-nowa?

To register your dog for od-nowa, fill in the application form, and then we will contact you and set a date for the start of the dog training. We will discuss all the details, the biggest behavioral problems of your dog and provide you with the most important information about your pet’s stay with us. We can always chat to make communication easier.

Between activities, dogs rest in kennels, so your dog must also be used to it. But if it doesn’t know how to cope with being on its own, don’t worry! Contact us in advance – we will help you introduce the kennel cage as a resting place for your dog.

What after od-nowa?

When picking up your dog, we will share our observations and suggestions with you. You will also receive a training plan so that you can continue working at home. Consistent work provide the best outcomes. We will also arrange an individual training with you, during which we will be able to verify your progress.

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